Make the fun work conditional (James Clear calls it "Temptation Bundling.")

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Make the Fun Work Conditional

I have a prioritization problem.

I often find myself doing the “fun” work before the important work.

I’ve been preparing a live webinar on aligning your purpose in work and life. Writing content is hard, but important. Learning how to use a live video/screenshare mixer/switcher tool is fun.

I’ve found myself digging into the details of production software when I don’t even have the content of the webinar done.

It’s time to implement what James Clear called “Temptation Bundling” in his book Atomic Habits.

It goes like this…

“I will only (habit I want to do) when I (habit I need to do).”

For me, that means, “I will only work on preparing the webinar’s appearance when I have accomplished the day’s content preparation milestone.”

If you find yourself putting off the important work and doing the fun work instead, consider committing to a temptation bundle.

And if you’re interested in that webinar I mentioned, I’d love to have you register:

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