• Frustrated coworkers attempting to collaborate

    Feeling overworked?

    and still not getting the results you want?

    Or maybe your team just isn’t aligned with your mission or vision. Sometimes the hardest work is finding the right problem to solve. Talk with a professional coach to help you uncover the root issues and their solutions.

    I’m Steve Dwire. I can help.

    People describe their challenges different ways:

    🚫 I’m not seeing the results I expect to see.
    🚫 I’m not getting the recognition I think I deserve.
    🚫 The results I’m getting aren’t as fulfilling as I expected.
    🚫 I’m exhausted from the work it takes to get those results.
    🚫 My team doesn’t seem aligned with the larger mission or vision.

    The underlying problem takes time, effort, and vulnerability to uncover. Here are just a few examples I’ve helped people work through:

    ⛔ Running out of creative energy when the work’s value is not clear.
    ⛔ Imposter feelings that lead one to avoid growth and responsibility.
    ⛔ Lack of productivity when people fear their work will be second-guessed.
    ⛔ Limited either/or options that hide more effective both/neither possibilities.
    ⛔ Heroism culture that rewards expensive rescue efforts more than prevention.
    ⛔ Mistaken impression that a problem is someone else’s responsibility to solve.
    ⛔ Weak collaboration between teams with a preference for I-win/you-lose solutions.

    Here’s how I help…


    The first step in any engagement or coaching session is to clarify how you perceive the challenge you want to address.

    • How does the problem show up?
    • What is its impact on you personally?
      on your business?
      on your family, team members, peers?
    • How will you know when it has been fixed?


    With a clear description of your challenge, you’ll expand your thinking to explore related areas. You’ll uncover patterns of thinking and behavior that reveal the root problems that really need your attention.

    It’s been said that you can’t read the label when you’re living inside the bottle. A professional coach brings the outside perspective to see what others can’t see and to read your label by noticing what you’re saying repeatedly as well as what you’re not saying at all.


    As we explore together, you’ll face mental barriers, blinders, and biases that keep you from seeing the whole picture and finding your solution. A professional coach can say what others won’t say to help you find and overcome your limiting beliefs.

    This is where the hardest work gets done. The more open, honest, and vulnerable you are in the probe, the more clearly you’ll see the real problem and the steps to solving it.


    You’ll find several moments during the exploration and probe where you say “Hmmm…” or “Ah…” or “That’s a good question; let me think about that.”

    Those are insight moments. But insight alone isn’t enough.

    In the final stage of a coaching session or engagement, you’ll reflect on your new insights and make your own commitments to different action to bring better results.

    Looking at professional coaching?

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    Coaching Packages

    Individual Coaching

    Not growing enough at work?

    • Is your job is pulling you away from what you’re really called to do in life?
    • Are you in over your head after your recent job change?
    • Did you get passed over for a promotion — again?
    • Do you want more support than you’re getting from your leadership team?

    Apply for an Alignment or Advancement package. If you qualify, we’ll work together to get you back on track.


    Align your work with your personal calling

    • Discover Your High-level Goals
    • Assess Your Life Satisfaction
    • Uncover Your Personal Values
    • Draft Your Personal Vision / Purpose
    • Align Your Work / Life Missions

    Materials and homework assignments between sessions will help you align your work with your personal calling in life.

    See if you qualify. Apply with no obligation.


    Succeed with your promotion

    • Discover Your High-level Goals
    • Identify Your Growth Objective
    • Define Your Development Plan
    • Determine Your New Habits
    • Embed Your Permanent Practices

    DiSC Assessment (Workplace or Management Profile) and CliftonStrengths Assessment (for Leaders or Managers) are highly recommended and available for an additional fee.

    Ad-hoc upgrade with spot calls and text/email response is available for an additional fee.

    See if you qualify. Apply with no obligation.

    Here’s what people are saying…

    “I so appreciate your powerful questions that led me to see where I was stuck.… I just needed someone to pull me out of the fog so I could see the path in front of me!

    “You did that masterfully!”

    — Jeff K.

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