Your words both reflect and reinforce your beliefs. (Notice them, and choose them carefully.)

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Your words both reflect and reinforce your beliefs

Sometimes it’s, “I never realized I’ve been saying that.”

Other times it’s, “I needed to hear myself say that.”

You may not even realize that, deep down, you’re holding on to a false belief that is holding you back from reaching your God-given purpose. But it comes up in the words you use to describe life.

❌ “I’m just not good at …” (You can become good at it.)

❌ “I have to …” (You choose to / You get to.)

❌ “There’s not enough …” (You can find enough of what you truly need to fulfill your purpose, but there will never be enough of what you don’t really need.)

Every time you say these, you reinforce your limiting belief, even when you don’t realize what you’re saying.

But if you can notice them and change your words, you can begin the process of replacing your false beliefs with truth.

A coach can help you notice the things you didn’t realize you were saying.

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