About Steve

Steve Dwire, The Technology Leader’s Professional Coach

Corporate History

Before shifting my focus full-time on my own company, I spent over twenty years in corporate America. There I navigated the choppy waters of five separate mergers and acquisitions. Starting in a three-person software development team working out of a closet (yes, literally) in a local hospital, I’ve found my way in everything from a tiny startup to a Fortune 100 company.

I’ve been an individual contributor, and I’ve been a leader of leaders. I’ve grown from one skill to another, filling whatever leadership role opened up for me with frequent corporate reorganizations. Along the way, I became a trusted voice for CEOs as they navigated their own challenging decisions.

Coach’s Heart

Eventually I launched my own technology startup, but I discovered that what I missed most was having one-on-one conversations with team members.

I loved seeing people grow, change, make good decisions, get promoted, and achieve the results they were looking for.

So I shut down my technology startup, and I’m focused full-time on coaching.

Not finding the results you’re looking for? I can help.

Maybe you don’t even know the real problem you’re trying to solve. Coaching can help with that, too!

Here are just a few examples of root issues I’ve helped people uncover and work through:

⛔ Running out of creative energy when the work’s value is not clear.
⛔ Imposter feelings that lead one to avoid growth and responsibility.
⛔ Lack of productivity when people fear their work will be second-guessed.
⛔ Limited either/or options that hide more effective both/neither possibilities.
⛔ Heroism culture that rewards expensive rescue efforts more than prevention.
⛔ Mistaken impression that a problem is someone else’s responsibility to solve.
⛔ Weak collaboration between teams with a preference for I-win/you-lose solutions.

Where would you like to start?

If you feel overworked and yet you feel like your work doesn’t have enough impact, connect with Steve for a complimentary 30-minute introduction. We’ll get to know each other, and we can decide together whether coaching is the right fit for whatever you’re facing. There’s no charge and absolutely no obligation.