About Steve

Steve Dwire, The Technology Leader’s Professional Coach

Career Growth

Before shifting my focus full-time on my own company, I spent over twenty years in corporate America. There I navigated the choppy waters of five separate mergers and acquisitions. Starting in a three-person software development team working out of a closet (yes, literally) in a local hospital, I’ve found my way in everything from a tiny startup to a Fortune 500 company. The Biblical example of Daniel and his faithfulness through regime changes helped me keep my eyes on my own “north star” in those turbulent times.

I’ve been an individual contributor, and I’ve been a leader of leaders. I’ve grown from one skill to another, filling whatever leadership role opened up for me with frequent corporate reorganizations. Along the way, I became a trusted voice for CEOs as they navigated their own challenging decisions.

Family Experience

My parents were models of bold, thoughtful decision making — even when it meant disrupting their own personal comfort. Twice they showed the courage to move across the country to stay true to their values of honoring God and serving the good of our family. They learned the skills they needed to take their next steps of growth. Often they taught themselves, and other times they went through formal training, including a mid-life return to university.

Their example is one I’ve tried to live up to. Twice, I’ve moved my own family across the country to follow God’s leading when Lana and I agreed it was the right, but difficult, thing to do. Sometimes that meant going without knowing people, church, or job opportunities in our new city and state. Sometimes, making the right choice meant turning down opportunities for advancement at work so we could stay true to the values we believed God called us to pursue.

Often the reward for those decisions was greater financial freedom, and other times the reward was greater meaning and fulfillment in life. Either way, the results were the right ones for our family at the time.

As a coach, I also want to help you find the same boldness and discernment to make the right decisions in your own life or business to achieve the results you’re after.

What kind of growth can I help you with?

Life offers many chances to grow and change. If you’re considering one of these changes or if you’re already in the middle of one, a coach can help you make sound decisions and achieve the success that’s important to you.

a new


Whether moving your family or expanding your business, the decision to enter a new location needs discernment. Don’t miss a great opportunity or make a choice you’ll regret. Let a coach help you reach the right decision.

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Do you feel called to be more than you are right now? Do you find yourself “in over your head” in a new role already? Ready to focus on your legacy? Let a coach help you become all of whoever you’re meant to be.

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Keep yourself valuable in an ever-changing market. Is it time to change careers, or maybe just retool? Or is there a new market for the skills you already have? Let a coach help you find the path that’s best for you.

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Launching a new product, service or channel? Growing your audience or your customer base? Buying a company? Entering a new market? Let a coach help you expand your sphere of influence.

Where would you like to start?

If you’re working through a new place, a new role, a new skill, or a new scale, let’s talk!

Meet Steve for a complementary 30-minute introduction. We’ll get to know each other, and I’ll let you know whether coaching is the right fit for whatever you’re facing. There’s no charge and absolutely no obligation.