Follow the right expert.

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Follow the right expert

“Behave as if you’ve already arrived” is enticing advice.

It has the power to stretch you or destroy you.

If you’re stuck in old habits, it can be just the kick you need to move forward, but if your vision greatly outpaces your current reality, be careful.

Most business and personal growth happens in stages. A strategy works great for a while, and then it stops being helpful.

“What got you here won’t get you there” is how you’ll often hear this truth expressed.

And it’s also true that the strategy that’s perfect for your next stage of growth probably wouldn’t have brought you here if you started it too early.

❌ The delegation practices of the CEO of a billion-dollar company probably won’t help a startup founder land her next 20 clients.
❌ The workout routine of an Olympic marathon runner may injure someone with obesity preparing for his first 5k race.
❌ Taking the bulk discount to buy the unlimited-seat license could bankrupt the company who currently has only two employees.
❌ If you’re delivering a minimum viable product to early adopters, paying for a massive brand-awareness advertising campaign may not be a good next strategy, even if that’s what the most successful companies are doing.

So is there value in emulating those who have succeeded where you haven’t yet? Sure there is.

And when you choose an expert to follow, look for someone who is guiding people through the stage of growth that’s next for you.

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