Too many leaders appreciate people, but don't value them. And people can tell the difference.

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Too many leaders appreciate people but don’t value them

Appreciation is fleeting. It’s a quick sentence spoken in passing or tacked on to the end of a request:

👍“Thank you for everything you do.”
👍“I just want you to know how much we appreciate you.”
👍“Great job on that project.”

Or it’s an event we organize to share those words in public and give gifts that make us feel like we’ve done something for them.

(And yet many people despise the attention that these “appreciation” events shine on them.)

Value is something else entirely.

✅When I value someone, I’ll listen to what they say and let it influence me.

✅When I value someone, I’m willing invest time to learn what’s important to them.

✅When I value someone, I’m ready to exchange something else that I value in order to give them something they value.

✅When I value someone, I’ll accept personal inconvenience or expense to improve their life.

✅When I value someone, I treat them how they want to be treated, as the individual that they are.

How about you?

What is one way someone showed that they value you?

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