Are you content being merely better than most?

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Are you content being merely better than most?

Last weekend I recorded videos for our church’s upcoming Christmas program. Several of us read lines from a teleprompter, portraying one of the key participants in the story of Christ’s birth and ministry.

During the week before the recording, we each met via Zoom with our dramatic director so she could hear our delivery and give feedback.

As I read my lines, I felt quite confident. After all, I’ve been recording videos using a teleprompter for years. I knew I could read them cleanly without sounding like I was reading.

But that wasn’t good enough.

“Steve, your character finds this event amazing, and you’re stating it so matter-of-fact. Be amazed! Try that paragraph again.”

Intrigued, inspired, self-conscious…. These were emotions I’ve never had to interpret from a teleprompter before. It wasn’t good enough to be able to read lines (in my opinion) better than most people can read lines. I needed to become John the Baptist and feel what he felt.

It isn’t easy to hear that it’s time to step things up.

Even when I know I have room to improve, I like the smug feeling of believing I’m better than most people at some skill. It’s uncomfortable hearing from someone skilled who sees my gap and pushes me to be better.

But the end result is worth it.

Not only will we have a more engaging portrayal for our Christmas program, but I’ve also become a more effective communicator because our director was bold enough to push for more.

Are you satisfied being “better than most” at what you’re called to do?

Who do you know who can see your gap and push you to be better?

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