Before you make your 2024 goals, first resolve who you will be.

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Before you make your 2024 goals…

Resolutions don’t work. There, I said it.

And yet, I’m a firm believer in setting goals.

But one of the reason new year’s resolutions usually don’t last is that we’re too focused on a behavior we want to change. We don’t do the hard work on the internal transformation that makes that change sustainable.

For example, there’s a difference between “I resolve to exercise 4 times per week” and “I am a person who exercises 4 times per week” or “I am a healthy man who eats and exercises to maintain a BMI of 24.”

Of course, just saying different words isn’t going to make a difference.

But here’s what will…

When you declare who you are, and believe it, adopting the habits and behaviors of that kind of person becomes easier.

And when you fail at the new habit, that failure can empower future failures when your only resolution is to the action. When your resolution is to the person you choose to be, you’re more motivated to resume and recommit to your habit.

As you think about how you want 2024 to be different, what kind of person would make that kind of difference?

Resolve to be that person.

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