An abridged gratitude list (Who and what made a difference for me this year)

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An abridged gratitude list

Last year, I decided that 2023 would be my year for connection and community. What an amazing group of people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this year. I am sincerely grateful for impact this year from these people, organizations, and resources I met this year:

– Active In Tech (now The Wellness Collective)
ATL Tech Meetup
– CCNI – Christian Coaches Network International
CTO Craft
– H7 Network
Rands Leadership Slack
Atlas of the Heart, by Brené Brown
Atomic Habits, by James Clear
Coach the Person, Not the Problem, by Marcia Reynolds
Get Clients Now, by C.J. Hayden
– Aaron Rackley
– Andy Skipper
– Cesar Alcazar
– Christopher Craig
Clay Hicks
– Dale Young
– Danny DelVecchio
David Peterson
– Deborah Laurel
– Dennis Hooper
– Diana Mouring
– Elsabet Kaplan
– Evan L. Mestman
– Francis Lacoste
– Gloriana Teh
– Gregory Klein-Hertzel
– Heather Johnston
– Jayne Latz
– Jason Abrahams
– Jeannette Seibly
– Joe Rojas
– Karl Maier
– Katrina Murphy
– Kevin Luu
– Marcus Adams
– Mark Perone
– Melissa Cocuzza
– Michael Cassidy
– Michael McClellan
– Nicole Janeway Bills
– SJ Barakony
Stephen O’Day
– Steve Semler
– Susan Neumann
– Thomas Howard
Thomas Kenyon
– Tobias Mende
– Youssef Tawfik

I’m thankful also for the deep and continuing impact this year from the following:
Berean Baptist Church, Lilburn GA
LoseIt and RENPHO apps for Android
– Professional Christian Coaching Institute
– My family members, who continue to be the most amazing people
– Pastor Todd Sivnksty
– Christopher McCluskey, PCC
Derick Kopp
– Ethan Banks
Sam Jespersen

And as I was writing, I had several moments of, “Oh! How could I have overlooked them so far!” I’m sure that will happen many times after posting, too. For everyone who read this to the end, I’m thankful for you, too!

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