Start outgrowing your role now. (Don't wait for the next door to open up.)

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Start outgrowing your role now.

When the next opportunity arrives, it will be too late to start becoming the person who can seize it. Here are a few things you can do right now to begin preparing to outgrow your current role.

If you have little margin:

✅ Identify one small habit you can begin practicing that will strengthen your skills or relationships.
✅ When someone else does or decides something differently than you would, ask them to help you understand their decision.
✅ Schedule periodic conversations with people outside your team. Choose something specific to remember about each person from each conversation.
✅ Start to identify work that doesn’t really need to be done. Learning to stop doing things is one of the most crucial skills you’ll need as you advance.

If you have a more time and energy to invest:

✅ Start a side-hustle.
✅ Get training or certification on a new skill.
✅ Join a mentorship or “interpreneurship” program.
✅ Ask to shadow someone whose job is affected by your current work.

Regardless of where your next opportunity will come from, start now to become the person who can take advantage of it.

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