You are more than an influencer of technology. (Grow your whole life in balance.)

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You are more than an influencer of technology

Yet another wave of layoffs rolls over the software engineering world. If you’ve been affected, you can feel like your entire world has crumbled.

This is especially true if your identity or your sense of value has been wrapped up in what you do at your job, or how you earn income.

But as valuable as you are as an engineer or architect or leader, you are so much more than the title you wear at work. And I’d like to help you visualize a more complete picture of your life, the areas you can draw strength from, and the areas you may want to invest in.

Visit for a free assessment. I’ll ask a few questions about each of twelve different areas of life, then give you a set of images to help you see where you can draw strength and find joy, and where you may want to give some attention.

Most people overlook some of their sources of strength and joy. And others get caught up in living up to other people’s expectations for them. But this assessment helps you see a clearer picture of your own life satisfaction in a way you probably never have before.

It’s my gift to you. Just visit and it’s yours at no cost. I trust you’ll find it helpful.

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