Say "no" to the wrong promotion.

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Say “no” to the wrong promotion

Twice in my career, I surprised my senior leaders by declining very direct offers for promotions.

Did I want more respect? more status? more income?

Sure, I did! But I wanted something else even more.

And maybe you do, too.

In one case, accepting the promotion would have meant moving to a different state. And there were things that I would have by staying where I was that I knew were more valuable to me than the advancement I’d get from accepting the promotion.

In another case, I knew that I would soon be starting a new chapter in my life – the chapter that now has me coaching engineering leaders. I knew that I would not be able to fulfil the role effectively while my attention was focused on a different future. My integrity and focus in pursuing my next chapter were more valuable to me than the prestige of the new position.

When you know with certainty your own personal values, many of life’s decisions become much more obvious.

And it doesn’t just mean making it easier to say “No.” Sometimes it means having even more confidence in your “Yes!”

And by coaching others through discovery of their own personal values, I’ve seen them make more effective decisions and have a greater impact on their personal and work life.

If you’d like that same kind of clarity to make your decisions, let’s talk.

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