You make your workplace culture (with or without a management position)

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You make your workplace culture

Your company’s culture is not the mission statement published on your website or the values posters mounted on the office walls.

Culture is the aggregated behavior of the individual human beings in the workplace.

It may or may not reflect your stated values.
It may or may not support your stated mission.

But because the culture is what people do, you have a role in defining that culture, regardless of your position.

Every time your actions are aligned with core values, you’re helping to create an authentically positive culture.

When you…
➡️ admit you are wrong
➡️ give credit generously
➡️ support a colleague’s position
➡️ defend someone who has been misjudged
➡️ stand against exploitation of customers or employees
➡️ balance personal grace with responsible accountability

… you help shape or support a positive workplace culture.

And the more you stand out from others in doing so, the more of a visible impact you’ll have.

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