When the habit tracker doesn't work (Maybe that behavior isn't supposed to be a habit.)

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When the habit tracker doesn’t work

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits has been a tremendous help to me and several people I know.

But sometimes, there are things you know you need to do, and you just can’t make a habit out of them.

🟣 Maybe you can’t find the right cue to trigger them
🟣 Maybe they need to happen most days, but not every day
🟣 Maybe they need to be done every week, but it’s not important when
🟣 Maybe you’re working toward a goal, but you don’t yet know what the supporting habits need to be

Not every desired behavior needs to be turned into a James Clear-style habit.

Use a habit tracker when it’s the right tool.

Also, use your calendar, your to-do list, your inbox, your pomodoro timer, or any of a number of other tools when they’re the right option.

If you want to explore these options more, I’m thinking about creating a free 5-day challenge to help you create your own long-term self-improvement strategy. Register your interest at no cost by visiting https://www.northwayinsights.com/5dayhabits.

Then share this page with your connections and invite them to register their interest as well.

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