"When should I consider a professional coach?" (My first answer wasn't what he expected.)

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“When should I hire a professional coach?”

At a local meetup, a software engineering manager asked me how he would know when it was time to have a professional coach.

My first answer wasn’t what he was expecting.

“Nobody needs a coach.” I told him. And that’s true.

But here’s what’s also true. Everyone can benefit from a coach. I even talked to one software engineering leader recently who was emphatic that everyone should have one.

But how do you know when it’s the right time for you?

Here’s what I told him. It’s when you can picture a desired future for yourself and you want someone to help you grow into the person who can achieve that future.

Sometimes that desired future looks like a promotion, maybe to a Staff Engineer or Architect, or up the rungs of management to director, VP, or CTO.

Sometimes that desired future is simply being more effective in your current role, with more influence, stronger relationships, more balance, or less stress.

And why might you look outside your company? Here are a few quick reasons:

1️⃣ Professional coaches go beyond just talking about effective behaviors. We’re trained to help you with the difficult internal work that helps you grow and succeed long-term.

2️⃣ An external coach’s loyalties are to you, not to your employer. Even managers with good coaching skills have a vested interest in the outcome of your decisions. A professional coach’s role is to help you achieve your desired future.

3️⃣ Conversations with an external coach are confidential. You’ll have a safe place to be honest about your struggles without worrying whether your job will be at risk from what you reveal.

And if you’re considering a professional coach to help you reach your desired future, I’ll be happy to have a confidential and complimentary conversation with you to see if my coaching is what you’re looking for.

Visit https://stevedwire.com/connect to schedule that call.

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