Two rookie coaching mistakes (How does that make you feel, and what can you do about it?)

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Two rookie coaching mistakes

Many business leaders are taught the GROW model to help them learn how to coach their direct reports while letting them discover their own solutions:

💡 Goal: Define the specific, measurable, and achievable goals.
💡 Reality: Examine the current situation and gather information.
💡 Options: Explore various solutions and strategies.
💡 Will: Determine the commitment and action plan to achieve the goals.

And there are two common rookie coaching mistakes that can give a bad name to coaching and to the manager trying to use the new skill.

1️⃣ Jumping straight from examining the current situation to exploring solutions and strategies.

Asking “What do you think you can do about that?” too quickly shortchanges the creative process and can breed frustration. Inside, the direct report is thinking, “If I knew that, I wouldn’t be coming to you.” Instead, invite the person to look for additional information beyond the obvious. For example, consider what resources or relationships they have available, or which of their strengths or personal values might be useful for their situation.

2️⃣ Dwelling on emotions.

As they resist the pull to jump too quickly to action, new coaches often overcompensate by jumping straight to emotions. Although emotions can often be relevant, looking at facts and potential outcomes is often a more useful place to start. “How does that make you feel?” can sometimes be a useful question, but it’s also a stereotype that, overused, can mock the coach and the practice of coaching.

By inviting creative exploration of realities that may not immediately be obvious, you’ll help those you lead come up with more powerful solutions and strategies on their own.

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