What to Expect

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Not sure whether you want to check out coaching?

Here’s what you can expect when you meet with Steve for a complementary call.

1. Meet Steve (Inquiry Call)

When you click or tap the button to Meet Steve, you’ll see my open calendar for the next couple of months. You’ll get to choose three things:

  1. The date that works best for you
  2. The time on that day that works best for you
  3. Whether you want to call me, connect via Zoom, or use Google Meet.

I’ll also ask for your name and email (so I can send you the calendar invitation) and what you think you might want coaching with.

If you choose to call me, then I’ll send you my phone number after you confirm our appointment.

Go ahead and try it now:

During this Inquiry call, we’ll spend some time just getting to know each other. We’ll talk a bit more about the possible coaching topic, and I’ll let you know whether I believe coaching is a good fit for us. If not, I may make some other suggestions on how you can find help. If coaching is a good fit, then I’ll invite you to a complementary 90-minute Deeper Discovery call to explore further the possibility of us working together. There is no charge for this call and there’s no obligation to spend any more time looking into coaching together after we hang up.

2. Deeper Discovery Call

If I believe your topic is a good fit for coaching, I may invite you to schedule a complementary 90-minute Deeper Discovery call. In this case, I’ll email you another link which you can use to schedule another free call.

This time, we’ll meet for around 90 minutes. We’ll probably spend a lot of time exploring your broader life goals and values. At some point, we’ll start to dig into the topic for our potential coaching. Don’t expect to find a complete solution to everything during this initial call, but you can expect it to be a life-changing conversation anyway. You’ll learn things that influence your mindset, and you’ll likely discover possibilities that may be invisible to you right now.

And that may be the end of our conversation. If it is, then you’ll get a ton of value at absolutely no charge and with no obligation. And that’s a wonderful thing!

But if I’m 100% convinced that I can continue to help you on a longer-term basis, I’ll ask your permission to send you a Welcome Packet with a Coaching Agreement and other helpful tools to make the most of a coaching relationship. I don’t do this with everyone. I have to be completely convinced that we’re a good fit to work together. But if I offer and you agree, I’ll send you the Welcome Packet which will lead to the third step.

3. Coaching Relationship

When you sign and return the Coaching Agreement, that begins our coaching relationship. I’ll then send you another link that you can use from that point to schedule the rest of our coaching conversations.

The standard coaching package includes two coaching sessions per month, with a target duration of around 60 minutes each. We’ll book one hour on the calendar each time, but I reserve a buffer as well just in case. If it needs to go long, it can go long. And if you find actionable insight in less than an hour and you’re ready to execute, I won’t keep you on the call just because we booked the time.

In the Welcome Packet, you’ll also see a number of other tools that some people find helpful. You’re free to use and submit any of those tools to help us make the most of our coaching relationship. A letter in the Welcome Packet will explain what those tools are.

It’s Your Call

And the call is free. I’d really love to meet you!