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“I used to be excited to go to work, but now I have to drag myself there.”

“I feel like my job is pulling me away from what I’m really called to do with my life.”

If you qualify for my coaching, I can help you align your daily work with your personal calling.

After you submit this application, I’ll personally review it. If I am convinced my coaching is a good fit, I’ll reach out so we can decide our next steps together. If not, I’ll do my best to point you to some other resources or another professional that you might find helpful.

Either way, you win!

If we work together, then with two 45-minute scheduled sessions per month, you can

  • Discover Your High-level Goals
  • Assess Your Life Satisfaction
  • Uncover Your Personal Values
  • Draft Your Personal Vision / Purpose
  • Align Your Work / Life Missions

Materials and homework assignments between sessions will help you align your work with your personal calling in life.

Let’s get started.

Steve Dwire

Apply – Personal Alignment Coaching

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