Space to fail is a gift of growth. (Practice gracious safety at home and at work.)

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Space to fail is a gift of growth

Why is it so hard to live out the understanding that success usually comes only after multiple failures? What makes us, our colleagues, and our family members so hesitant to try something that might not work?

Usually, it’s because we haven’t given ourselves the appropriate space to fail.

What do I mean by “space to fail”? It’s a few things.

1️⃣ It’s having awareness that our personal worth or value is not tied to the success of whatever we try.

2️⃣ It’s having enough margin in our resources and relationships that failure will not be fatal.

3️⃣ It’s having a plan to learn from the results of the experiment, regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.

As you pursue your own growth, part of your ability to succeed will depend on having taken your own initiative to create for yourself the space to fail.

It’s also true that as you lead your team or your family, you can influence their success by how much space you give them to fail. Show them how much you value them, even when the things they try don’t work. Help them collect and evaluate their resources and relationships to create margin. And when things don’t work out how they hoped, help them keep their focus on the future by exploring what you learn.

If you’re having trouble creating or accepting your own space to fail, let’s talk.

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