What will you stop doing? (You can't just add expanded leadership to your current responsibilities.)

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What will you stop doing?

When you take a promotion, a new job, or even lateral move with a new team or new job requirements, you’ll often find yourself needing to work longer or harder for a while until you get up to speed.

If you have already crafted a lifestyle that gives you the time and energy margin to absorb those new expectations, then congratulations. You’ve done something most people don’t.

But if you find yourself lacking the time or energy to do everything that you feel you “should” do, it’s time to make a conscious decision.

Eventually, you’ll be more efficient with the new role, and it won’t be quite so taxing. But until then, look at the things that currently consume your time and your energy. Choose which of them you’re going to give up, and for how long. For each responsibility you’re planning to release temporarily, be sure to work with the family, friends, or colleagues who will be affected and let them know what to expect during this transition period.

If you don’t decide what to stop doing, then things will start falling through the cracks, and they may not be the things you can afford to drop.

And what if you do decide how long you will give something up, and you get to the end of that time and you’re still not up to speed with your new role? Simply do the exercise again and decide what else you’re ready to give up. Maybe it’ll be the same things, or maybe you’ll find something different.

But when you are deliberate in choosing what you will stop doing, you can have the time and energy to dedicate to a successful transition to your new role.

And if you’re having trouble finding things you can afford to give up, let’s talk.

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