Leadership Assessments: Some are Science; Others are Opinion. (Both are valuable.)

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Leadership Assessments: Some are Science; Others are Opinion

When I coach leadership teams, I’ll offer two different kinds of assessments. One is a fairly straightforward 360-degree assessment that pretty much aggregates the opinions of the leader, their peers, their supervisor, and their direct reports. The other is a highly scientific assessment that lets a leader force rank positive statements in terms of how well they represent that leader. From that input comes a collection of insightful reports including what is, in my opinion, the most insightful single-page collection of visualizations I’ve ever seen in an assessment report. It shows how what seem to be contradictory strengths can often be present at the same time, and how the combination of those strengths affects a leader in normal circumstances as well as under stress.

But which of these is more valuable? Which is more accurate or trustworthy?

Honestly, it depends on what questions you’re trying to answer. For purely internal reflection and self-improvement, I think the scientific assessment can be almost indispensable. When you’re looking to improve your relationships with other people, then the subjective feedback that comes from aggregating other people’s opinions and perceptions can often be more valuable than a pure description of what actually is.

So as you look toward the next stage of growth in your leadership journey, Don’t dismiss either the objective scientific assessment or the subjective 360 opinion survey. Both of them can be valuable.

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