Your most valuable leadership resource (It's not your skill, your experience, or even your people)

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Your most valuable leadership resource

“Our people are our most valuable asset,” they say.

Careful. It’s a trap.

And if, as a leader, you believe that your people are your most valuable asset, you’ll miss a more important point. “Your” people don’t belong to you. And when companies start to act like human beings are assets, they stop treating them like human beings.

So what is your most valuable leadership resource?

It’s your relationship with those people.

When you have strong relationships, here’s what else you get:

✅ Engagement and retention increase
✅ Legitimate disagreements are quickly resolved
✅ You both have a more peaceful work environment
✅ They make better decisions without your intervention
✅ An atmosphere of trust gets the work done efficiently

So yes, invest in the people around you. Your relationship with them is your most valuable leadership resource.

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