Motivation Paradox, Part 1: It's not your manager's job. (The best motivation comes from within you.)

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Motivation Paradox, Part 1: It’s not your manager’s job.

*Sigh* … “I’ve got to drag myself to work every morning.”

When your motivation is low, work can feel like a duty with nothing exciting or fulfilling on the other side.

Your manager can offer reward or punishment through changes in financial compensation, autonomy, and opportunity. They may give a peppy speech to open the staff meeting. They may employ the cone of shame for failure.

These actions can offer short-term motivation, but they’re not the most effective. And they’re not within your control.

The most powerful motivation comes when you see alignment between your work and your personal values and interests. And that alignment can be learned or discovered.

First, though, you have to identify what is truly important for you in life.

Next, find ways to connect your work to the things you truly value.

I have a couple of exercises to help with those two things.

1️⃣ Visit for an exercise to discover what you truly value

2️⃣ Visit for an exercise to connect those values to your work.

When you can find what you truly value in your daily work, you’ll uncover a personal motivation and reward that surpasses what your manager can do for you.

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