How do I get my team to act like owners? Six follow-up questions that may help

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How do I get my team to act like owners?

“It’s so hard to get people to act like owners.” I keep hearing people say that.

The truth is, people always act in accordance with their identity. If they’re not acting like owners, it’s often because they don’t see themselves as owners.

Here are six questions leaders can ask:

1️⃣ Are they actual owners? Do they literally have equity in the company? Is the amount of equity appropriate for the ownership behavior you expect from them?

2️⃣ Are they valued as owners? Does your commitment to them in compensation reflect the commitment you expect from them?

3️⃣ Are they respected as owners? How often have their opinions and suggestions been adopted in the past?

4️⃣ Are they trained as business owners? Do they have the financial literacy to understand why their previous ideas may have been dismissed and to make better suggestions in the future?

5️⃣ Do they understand your market? Have they had direct contact to let them empathize with the people your business serves? Do they understand the value their work creates?

6️⃣ Does your company’s mission/purpose/vision reflect them? Did they have a legitimate part in crafting the culture and values of your company? Does your hiring process effectively filter for a match on culture and values?

I’m certain I could come up with a dozen or so more if I wasn’t concerned about keeping this brief.

What other questions would you add to this list?

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