Investment or Indulgence? (photo of ice cream sundae in background)

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Investment or Indulgence?

Has your hustle focus blinded you to the restoring value of life’s joys?

A nap
A walk
A novel
A movie
A vacation
A TV episode
A board game
A scented candle
A bar of chocolate
A cup of tea/coffee
A bowl of ice cream

Sure, it’s super easy to go overboard on any of these. They can become indulgences that take our attention away from what we need to do.

Or, one of them may be just the investment you need to decompress and prepare your mind for its next round of intense work or to keep you connected with those you love.

YouTube videos, chocolate, and ice cream are my favorite investments of joy. And I recently put constraints around when I choose to enjoy them so they don’t distract me from what I need to do.

What’s your investment of joy? How do you keep it from becoming an indulgence?

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