Building trust in a work-from-home world. Do you even remotely trust each other? Try asking or granting a favor.

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Building trust in a WFH world

This is NOT about monitoring your direct reports. It’s about you and your peers.

Maybe they’re full-time remote, or maybe you are. Or maybe you’re in different time zones with work schedules that rarely overlap. Or maybe you time your work by the team you manage on the other side of the world.

For whatever reason, you’re missing the regular incidental greetings that keep us all feeling human towards each other.

Without effort, trust between you and your peers can erode or even fail to emerge at all.

And something feels off. You don’t know what it is, but productivity and cross-team collaboration get stuck.

Collaboration often feeds on favors. And when remote-ness erodes trust, we stop granting favors. And we stop asking for them. But the asking, granting, and delivering of favors builds trust.

What might happen if you chose to initiate a favor for one of your peers this week? Or if you chose to ask a peer for one, graciously acknowledging that it would be a favor to you?

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