Be willing to wake up smarter tomorrow. Don't resist learning what casts doubt on a previous decision.

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Be willing to wake up smarter tomorrow

“DON’T TELL ME. I don’t want to know!”

I can’t recall whether I’ve actually said those words out loud, but I have physically placed my hands over my ears and said, “La la la, I can’t hear you!”

Sometimes, I really don’t want to learn something. I’ve made my decision. If I had known then what I’m afraid I’ll learn now, I may have decided differently.

I might have been wrong. And I’d rather not know.

I don’t often literally cover my hands with my ears. But I can decide not to attend a course, not to have a conversation, not to ask a probing question. All for fear of learning a new fact that calls into question a previous choice.

But by refusing to learn what may challenge a previous decision, we don’t learn to make better choices.

“They made the best decision they could with the information they had.”

For some, that grace is much easier to give to others than it is to give to oneself.

Give yourself the same grace. Be willing to learn a mind-changing truth. And wake up smarter tomorrow.

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  1. It turns out there’s a name for this: FOFO – Fear Of Finding Out.

    Inc. Magazine happened to share this article in their daily newsletter today:

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