Want different results? Different actions may not be enough.

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Want different results? Different actions may not be enough

“10 things the most successful people do every day.” Yeah, don’t copy those actions.

OK, it’s true that getting different results does demand a change in behavior. But what behavior, exactly? And where does that behavior come from? It’s probably not whatever the latest list article is talking about.

The things that we do flow from who we are. Or, more accurately, from who we believe that we are. The habits you read in that article may not be the actions that lead to the success. They’re often just the evidence of a personal identity that also leads to other actions that bring success.

“I run every day” correlates with “I’m physically fit.”

And the daily run comes from “I am an athlete” which also governs a rest and diet regimen which are equally important but overlooked in the initial correlation.

“I spend time with my kids” correlates with “My kids are glad to see me come home.”

And the time investment comes from “I am the most influential leader my children will follow” which also governs the visible response to stress, disappointment, correction, accomplishment, and downtime, all of which contribute to “My kids are glad to see me come home.”

So what’s that habit you want to adopt to make you successful?

Who is the person you need to become for that habit to flow naturally?

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