If I do this, that person is just going to... (No, probably not.)

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If I do this, that person is just going to…

It’s a lie.

It’s a trap.

You resist taking an action because of how you think someone else is going to respond.

❌ If I text them, they’re going to feel interrupted.
❌ If I invite them to lunch, they’ll be too busy.
❌ If I ask they how their day is, they’ll just say, “fine” and end the conversation.
❌ If I propose a solution, they’ll think I’m showing off.

Often that story we tell ourselves about other people is a lie.

But we will never find out that the story isn’t true until we do one thing.

We must behave as if the story isn’t true.

✅ Send the text.
✅ Make the lunch invitation.
✅ Ask how their day is.
✅ Propose a solution.

You’ll be surprised how often you learn that your story is a lie when you choose to behave that way. And until you do, you’ll never know.

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