I may plan to succeed, but do I PLAN to succeed?

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I may plan to succeed, but do I *plan* to succeed?

I hear a voice in my head when I read silently. And this time it messed me up.

The sentence was “People with anticipation plan to be significant.” But the voice in my head barely pronounced the word “plan.” And I understood a mere vision that “some day they’ll be significant just because they expect to happen.”

I read it again and noticed that “plan” was probably the most important word there.

Planning demands effort. It takes purpose. It requires choices, decisions, and predictions.

But success also means accepting change and pivoting when life doesn’t fit our predictions. The plan isn’t what brings success. But the act of planning is an exercise that conditions us to take the right next step from wherever we find ourselves.

I want to live a successful life – by God’s definition of successful.

To succeed demands more than just a hopeful vision.

It takes an actual plan.

And if my plan is derailed at the first step, that’s fine with me. I can always make another plan.

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