Always Content. Never Satisfied.

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Always Content. Never Satisfied

I got some really strange looks on the Zoom call.

Well, what I said made sense to me. Apparently not to many others.

We were talking about the balance between the internal acceptance of what God has planned for one’s life vs. the internal drive to achieve more.

I responded that my goal was to live in the paradox of being always content, but never satisfied. To me, “content” and “satisfied” were two completely different things. So for me, that distinction works.

Here’s what I meant but didn’t explain well over Zoom:

✅ Always content: Whatever my current situation is, I want to accept it. Whatever external forces seem to be pulling me in some direction, let me recognize that those forces are part of God’s plan, and I don’t want to wish them to be different.

❌ Never satisfied: As I look ahead to the likely destination where my current path is leading me, I want to realize there’s always an opportunity to do better. I can make better choices than I’m making. I can respond better to my current situation and the external forces I face. I can work toward a better future than the one I’m currently headed toward. And I hope I can do this without being discontent with my current situation.

As you look ahead to 2023 and your goals and ambitions, how will you balance accepting God’s will for your life and working for the best outcome you can achieve?

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