A life without margin will soon crumble. Keep your "life batteries" fully charged.

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A life without margin will soon crumble

We lost power last week while I was in the middle of a Zoom call.

“And yet, you’re still here,” said the person on the other end. “Do you need to go do something?”

The lights in the room had gone off, but I had batteries in all the right places to keep the call going. And the window in the room gave enough light that the video still worked.

“There’s nothing to do,” I said. “It’ll come back on eventually.” And we continued the call.

As we talked, they observed that this power outage was a metaphor for life.

Do you have “life batteries” in place to absorb the impact when something goes wrong?

✅ An emergency fund to cover surprise expenses without going into debt?

✅ Family, community, and church relationships for emotional and spiritual support?

✅ Time margin built into your calendar for a weekly day of rest and a regular sabbatical?

✅ A “trust account” with close friends and family who will believe the best about you?

Are you keeping those “batteries” fully charged?

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